MAIR OFF-LINE Packing line SQ.HEX.90.4.F

MAIR OFF-LINE Packing line SQ.HEX.90.4.F

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OFF-LINE Packing line SQ.HEX.90.4.F, made MAIR

Revamped 2024

Scope of supply:

1 New chain transport system, with 4 lifting chains, to collect the tubes from the roller conveyor.

2 Automatic tube by tube feeding unit

3 Single Row preparation section

4 Automatic bundle formation unit, with interchangeable:

  • 4 Bundle holding support for square bundle
  • 4 Bundle holding supports for hexagonal bundle

5 Strapping bridge with manual strapping unit Signode

6 Movable carriage for frontal extraction of finished bundle

7 Finished bundle storage unit

8 New Electrical control panel with operator control desk

9 New emulsion draining & bundle weighting system


ModelOFF-LINE Packing line SQ.HEX.90.4.F
Stock Number3511
Tube diameter (Round)16 - 90 mm
Tube diameter (Square)16×16 – 80×80 mm
Tube diameter (Rectangular)20×16 – 80×40 mm
Squares bundles250×250 – 500×500 mm
Bundle weightMax. 2Tn
Bundle range hexagonal bundles (size of side)150mm – 350mm