KIESERLING WDH60 Heavy Duty Complete Peeling Line

KIESERLING WDH60 Heavy Duty Complete Peeling Line

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Heavy Duty Complete Peeling Line WDH60/40/55, made by KIESERLING and EUROMAQUINA

Revamped as new

Working range :

  • Entry: 8.4 - 63 mm
  • Finishing: 8.0 - 60 mm
  • Bar length 2,6 – 6,5 m
  • Feeding speed 0.75 - 40 m/min
  • Cutting head RPM 300 - 3600 rpm
  • Total power installed Approx. 90 kW
  • Main motor (*) 55 kW – DC motor
  • Cutting head type 4 x hard metal inserts

KIESERLING WDH60 peeling machine, including:

1. 5 ton loading table

2. Entry channel: Roll way

3. Kieserling WDH60 high performance peeling machine

4. Outlet channel

5. Alligning device and unloading cradle

6. Laser unit make Zumbach, for automatic measurement correction.

7. Chip conveyor

8. Fume extraction system

9. Perimeter fencing, safety barriers, protections, compliance with safety regulations

100% MECHANICAL RECONSTRUCTION in 2018, including:

- Engineering, documentation update and design

- Disassembly/Reassembly, painting

- New components (Mechanical, hydraulics, commercial parts and new redesigned parts)

- New electrical parts

- New internal hard metal tooling.

- New chip conveyor

- New fume extraction system

Since its total refurbishment in 2018, the line has worked only a few hours.

Mechanical intervention in 2018 included:

- Engineering (new design, foundation drawing).

- Documentation to be prepared

- Measuring and redesign of out-of-tolerance parts

- Complete mechanical disassembly

- Complete electrical disassembly

- Repair of hydraulic pack, solenoid valves and new tray

- Repair of hydraulic cylinders

- Overhaul of heat exchanger

- Revamping of lubrication system and piping, replacement of solenoid valves.

- New hydraulic system, both independent and on board.

- Overhauling of pneumatic cylinders + new piping

- New pneumatic valves + filtering equipment + shut off valve

- New on-board electrics + detectors

- Wiring between switch cabinets and terminal boxes on board (max. 20 m)

- Commercial parts, bearings, seals, new bearings for the cylinder head

- Overhauling of entry assembly + parts estimation

- Overhauling of entry guide assembly + parts estimation

- Overhauling of peeling head + parts estimation

- Overhauling of gearbox.

- Overhauling of outfeed guide + carriage

- Overhauling of loading table, infeed and outfeed channels + cradle modification

- Overhauling of belt conveyor + painting + modification.

- Cleaning and painting of the whole line.

- Repair of fancing and protections

- Preliminary tests and commissioning

- Fume extraction system


- New switch cabinet with Siemens PLC

- New Siemens inverters

- Safety devices make Pilz

- New control panel

- On-board safety devices, redundant components

- New wiring diagram

- New automation and Programming

Laser diameter control system and automatic correction

By means of the measuring laser located at the end of the machine behind the output pinch-roll we can inspect the bar actual dimension and by means of specific software we can automatically correct the position of the tools by acting on the servo-motor.

Prior to this we had to enter on the screen the values of the nominal diameter of the bar and the measuring range where we can move to ensure the final measurement.


ModelWDH60 Heavy Duty Complete Peeling Line
Stock Number3770
Entry diameter8,4 - 63 mm
Finishing diameter8 - 60 mm
Bar length2,6 – 6,5 m
Feeding speed0,75 - 40 m/min
Cutting head RPM300 - 3.600 rpm
Total power installedApprox. 90 kW
Main motor (*)55 kW – DC motor / *Optional: upgrade to 110kW AC Motor
Voltage (**)400 V/50Hz / ** Optional: change in input voltage