7 advantages of the anti-rust oiling system OLEA by EUROMAQUINA

We have 3 anti-rust oiling systems ready for delivery. Find out why our customers trust our system by reading this article about its 7 main advantages and don't miss the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. 😉 


1. Flow control

Optimal for each diameter and production speed.


2. Plug & Play system 

Installation and start-up in a few hours.

3. Quick change

Nozzle adjustment from the outside for the entire range.


4. Minimal consumption

Air-oil spraying to reduce oil consumption by up to 75%. 

5. Low pressure micro-fogging

No mist in suspension. Homogeneous adhesion to the tube.


6. Adaptable design

 Adaptable to customer's line and needs.


7. Compact

Only 250mm in line.

With position adjustment system, with Iris

With this system, we can adjust the position of the nozzles from the outside, without having to open the rack or replace it and at the same time adjust the size of the opening to limit the possible oil leakage to a minimum. No oil suction system or collection tray with filter is required.