MAIR / SIGNODE Automatic packing & strapping machine

MAIR / SIGNODE Automatic packing & strapping machine

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MAIR Automatic packaging machine MPS RH150/D/4/SL

& SIGNODE Automatic strapping unit M400


Model MPS RH150/D/4/SL Pat. automatically packs round tubes in hexagonal bundles.

The Machine allows the strapping operation to be carried out automatically in a fix position, with the bundle moving sideways and stopping automatically at the programmed strapping positions.

Four tube lift chain conveyors with carrier teeth and intermittently driven for the lifting of one tube at a time, coming from the threading machine, to the aligning area;

One driven rollway to align the tube against an adjustable end-stop, before the row formation;

Two storage areas for the tube row; necessary during the bundle evacuation cycle;

One sturdy structure in welded structural steel, forming a bridge;

tube row handling system which picks up a row of tubes at a time from the second row storage and places it down onto the bundle forming brackets. Handling is performed by a series of electromagnets which perform a rotary movement during the row transfer cycle;

Four driven vertical brackets for bundle formation and holding. They are provided of adjustable blades according to the required bundle size and shape and they will be lowered in order to allow the bundle laying down on the evacuation trolley.

Driven evacuation trolley, sliding on rails fixed to the floor and equipped with lower driven rollers and pairs of retaining vertical loose rolls.

Driven flat conveyor to transport the bundle after the strapping area.

Driven storage chains suitable to approach bundles at the selected quantity.

Drainage station for bundle lifting, to allow the coolant outlet from tubes; it is equipped with two hydraulic devices driven by a hydraulic power pack.

Control switch cabinet.


The formed bundle is automatically transferred, by the driven rollers of the evacuation trolley, to the automatic Strapping Station. The bundle will be stopped at the programmed strapping positions to allow the automatic application of the steel strap.

SIGNODE automatic Strapping Machine Model M400/PA/TSM for vertical strapping, suitable to work with our packaging machine. It is placed on wheels and is equipped with:

  • pneumatic strapping floating head for steel strap of 32 mm. width (1¼") and 0,9 mm. wall thickness;
  • 450 kg. jumbo coil dispenser with electrical unwinding;
  • switchboard.


The Weighing Station (electromechanical design) weighs tube bundles by means of load cells. Bundles are transferred by the driven storage chains to the weighing position. The Weighing Station is located under the pneumatic lifting devices which will lift the bundle in order to allow the weighing operation.

It is equipped with:

  • Bottom frame to be fixed to the floor, complete with four supports, linkages and loading cells.
  • Top holding frame, able to receive the bundle lifting devices.
  • Compact weight transmitter.


The Datapack  Management System software will permit the operator to control and monitor tube production in real time; it will also allow the following:

To set the a new bundle configuration with its strap application positions.

To store the various bundle configurations and strap application positions into an archive where they can be easily retrieved.

To create batches of different bundle configurations and then load them into one production sequence.

Monitor all alarm and fault messages (troubleshooting mode).

Save all alarm and fault messages in the sequence that they occur during production – they may be consulted in any moment.

Save all production logs into files which may then be exported for purposes such as statistics, archive, etc.

To retrieve data from the proposed Weighing Station.


ManufacturerMAIR / SIGNODE
ModelAutomatic packing & strapping machine
Stock Number3704
Round tube Ø17.2 - 127 mm
Wall thickness1 - 6 mm
Tube length3.5 - 7.2 m
Required straightnessnot over 1 mm/1000 mm
Voltage380 V 50 Hz, three phases